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Books for Your Bloody Valentine #2: The Humble Assessment by Kris Saknussemm

12 Feb

the-humble-assessment-02-100dpiTHE HUMBLE ASSESSMENT BY KRIS SAKNUSSEMM

“At once, names like Ionesco, Beckett, and Albee come to mind, but then are topped by the understanding that this voice has an even more unsettling, hard-hitting edge.” -Phil Abrams

Instructions for Reading The Humble Assessment:

Step one: Take a deep breath.

Meet Mr. Humble. He is the sixteenth person to be interviewed for the position of Financial Controller. He needs this job. But he’s not going to beg. Yet. Follow Kris Saknussemm, the masterful creator of Zanesville, Sinister Miniatures and Reverend America, on a dark and narrow path through the malign terrors of the modern American corporate machine. He will show you a fish bowl full of crickets. He will show you a tarantula as big as a suburban home. He will show you a woman in a black lace bra, a man in a gorilla mask. The Humble Assessment is a masterpiece of modern theatre. In a few short pages, Saknussemm will take you in, make you comfortable, then rip your heart out before you even notice he’s been holding a dagger the whole time. Meet Mr. Humble. They’ve been watching him his whole life.

Click here to order The Humble Assessment.


Electric Literature and Lazy Fascist Team Up for New Sam Pink Novel

8 Nov

Today, Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading published an excerpt from Rontel by Sam Pink. One of the coolest features of Recommended Reading is the single sentence animation inspired by the recommended work. For Rontel, Brandon Ray created the badass stop-motion short that you can watch below.

Rontel is due out on Valentine’s Day 2013. Lazy Fascist will publish the paperback while Electric Literature releases the digital edition. We’re pretty damn ecstatic about this partnership.

Look for Lazy Fascist at AWP in Boston (March 2013), pimping Rontel and our two other early spring releases, Colony Collapse by J.A. Tyler and The Humble Assessment by Kris Saknussemm.