Lazy Fascist Review

lazyfascistreview1Lazy Fascist Review #2_cover

Lazy Fascist Review is a biannual print literary journal offering a home for fiction that slips through the cracks. We like our stories weird and a little fucked up, with sentences that cut like knives. We want to enjoy our fiction like we enjoy our beer, so every story we publish will be accompanied by a recommended beer pairing. We’re particularly IPA fans. That said, no floral prose, please.

The best way to get a sense of what we’re looking for is to read prior issues of Lazy Fascist Review and peruse the Lazy Fascist Press catalog.

We aim to surprise our readers and have published everything from postmodern horror to historical fiction, books about boxing and flying sharks. In addition to short fiction, we’ll publish poetry from time to time. Every issue features book and beer reviews, interviews with leading contemporary authors, and everything you ever wanted to know about fish but were afraid to ask (we’re not kidding, we know a lot about fish).

Submission Guidelines:

Word count: 500 words to 12,000 words.

Payment: $50 per story. $10 per poem.

Send to

Please wait six months before querying about the status of your submission.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable.


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