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New Lazy Fascist books now available on Kindle!

6 Dec

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve released Kindle editions of many of our newest and most popular titles.

The Laughter of Strangers by Michael J Seidlinger

Motherfucking Sharks by Brian Allen Carr

Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert

The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Vol. I by Scott McClanahan

The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Vol. I by Noah Cicero

Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth by Stephen Graham Jones

The Humble Assessment by Kris Saknussemm

Gil the Nihilist: A Sitcom by Sean Kilpatrick

Colony Collapse by J. A. Tyler

The Devil in Kansas by David Ohle

Also now available for the Kindle: 2 Eraserhead Press anthologies edited by Lazy Fascist editor Cameron Pierce and featuring stories by many Lazy Fascist authors – In Heaven, Everything Is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch and The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade.


April is Free Porn Month at Lazy Fascist

2 Apr

Tired of masturbating to shitty porn? Ashamed that every smutty video you pick out features a pear-shaped orphan getting fucked by a dog? You sick ’ol fucker. Lazy Fascist is here to solve your pornography blues. For the month of April, we want to give you new, exciting, bootlegged, mysterious porn!

Porn for the price of free!

Porn to celebrate books!

It’s simple. You love books and porn. We want to reward your impeccable taste in literature by offering you a free porno. To claim your bootlegged film, all you have to do is review Anatomy Courses by Blake Butler and Sean Kilpatrick in the month of April.

Your review can appear on Amazon, your blog, or any website/magazine on the planet. After your review goes live, send us a link along with your mailing address and pornographic preference (m/m, f/f, f/m, or ‘other’) to

Bonus sexy prizes will be awarded to those who review Anatomy Courses for prominent/highly trafficked publications.

Films will be shipped out in the beginning of May. Keep in mind, some of you may receive feature length pornos, while others will get short films.

We hope you’ll join us in this celebration of porn and Anatomy Courses, one of the smuttiest, sexiest books of the year.

Sam Pink’s Depressed Woman///Reading The Obese on the Bus///21st Century Horror

27 Mar

Sam Pink has started a band. They are called Depressed Woman. You can listen to some of their songs and read Sam Pink’s thoughts on each song here. In a new review of The No Hellos Diet, the blog i am alt lit said this about Sam’s work: “like ‘bukowski to postal workers’ and ‘franzen to academic/overly serious/literature is god types’ sam pink speaks to the ‘service class.’”

Alison Hallett of The Portland Mercury has reported that she feels uncomfortable reading The Obese by Nick Antosca on the bus. Last Saturday, Nick Antosca signed copies of The Obese at one of my favorite bookstores, Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. Here are two new interviews with Nick: 1) The Collagist, 2) Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Other Lazy Fascist news of the week:

Anatomy Courses by Blake Butler and Sean Kilpatrick will be taught in a class on 21st Century Horror at Florida State University this fall. Other primary texts include The Marbled Swarm by Dennis Cooper and The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich.

We’re hearing that quantities of the Broken Piano for President soundtrack, which was recently released by Death Bomb Arc, is close to selling out. Thought Catalog published an essay by Wensink about his experience trying to find a publisher for Broken Piano for President. You can read it here.

My Eggs Shat Disney Money: Six Lessons from Anatomy Courses

21 Mar

Tobias Carroll of Vol. 1 Brooklyn has written a review-in-lessons of Anatomy Courses. Click on Lesson 2 below to read it.

“2. It’s also absurdly funny in spots. After one passage describing a pyramid in detail, we get this: ‘Our pyramid also had 17,000 sides, which made it not a pyramid.'”


Sean Kilpatrick reads from Anatomy Courses at AWP

5 Mar

Order Anatomy Courses here.

Anatomy Courses reviewed at jmww

24 Feb

“Anatomy Courses, a combo effort by gifted young writers Blake Butler and Sean Kilpatrick, is unlike anything I’ve read. Published by one of the best publishing houses you’ve probably never heard of, Lazy Fascist Press, this small book is a one-stop destination for readers wondering where modern literature is and where it’s heading.

The cover design is gorgeous, conjuring up a sixties-style look. The vintage, well-worn trade paperback, almost textbook, look is a refreshing change to the current fad of either over-the-top imagery dominating the cover or mismatching texts strewn about haphazardly. It’s as subtly captivating as the text within, something that’s become synonymous with the press.”

Click here to read the full review.

Click here to order Anatomy Courses.

Two Books to Break Your Spirit This Valentine’s Day

6 Feb

This Valentine’s Day, put down the pipe bomb and kill yourself with a book instead. Overcome emotional eating by telling your nasty pet what the bullies did to you in junior high. Buy some new sweatpants at K-Mart and breathe easy knowing everybody hates you. Go to church. Reenact your best worst memories with your dad. Shoot up your favorite fast food restaurant. Or just shoot up.

Because black metal is hot.

Because the art museum is a great place to die.

Because books about death and dying are sexy.

Order Anatomy Courses and The Obese to get laid this Valentine’s Day.