What Are The Advantages Of Sublimation Printing?

What Are The Advantages Of Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is the new and most popular way of printing on fabrics. It is a digital method applicable for printing a variety of hard surfaces and provides exceptional results.

The best thing about this printing technique is that it gives attractive prints regardless of what type of surface you choose to print.

However, before you made the decision to use sublimation printing, it is essential to consider some of its advantages and see whether it will work and meet your expectations.

No Minimal Print Run

Unlike other printing techniques, with sublimation, you do not have printing limitations. This is to say; the printing cost remains constant whether you choose to print one item or one thousand.

For example, if you want to customize your mug, you will spend the same production cost as when you choose to open a printing shop.

Sublimation printing allows you to enjoy personalized print designs without fear of cost and much more. Additionally, with sublimation printing, the process is simply allowing you to deliver regardless of how many prints you need effectively.

Therefore, it will guarantee that your business is running, and your customers’ expectations are met within the stipulated timeframe.  If you need a good quality sublimation printer for your need, you may have a look on beyond press.

Unlimited Color Range

Another advantage of this printing technique is that it allows you to enjoy an unlimited range of colors. Therefore, you will not have to be restricted to a particular printing color when you are printing.  With only four-color inks, you get thousands of different colors.

When adding a different color, however, you will not have to incur an extra cost. This makes sublimation printing convenient for printing photos and other color-sensitive prints.

The different color options also guarantee that you will not have to compromiser on the quality of your printing. This also ensures that your printing quality is exceptional, unlike when using other printing techniques.

Integrates the Print

Unlike paper transfer, sublimation print is convenient as the printing integrates with the surfaces perfectly. This guarantees that the print will not be noticed with touch, and it cannot be scratched off.

Additionally, your print color will not fade hence giving you a guarantee that your print will last longer. Therefore, you will not have to worry about having to reprint again.

Easy and Fast

Learning how to print using the sublimation technique is super easy. It takes a short learning curve to get the idea rolling. Additionally, once you master the technique, printing is quite faster. Therefore, even when you have a large printing order, it is easy for you to deliver within the same day or within the shortest time possible.

Final Thoughts

However, with all the advantages of sublimation, it also has some downsides. Therefore, when you choose to venture into sublimation printing, it is essential for you to consider even the disadvantages.

This way, you will be guaranteed that before making your decision, it will be based on how it directs you. Also, if you choose to use sublimation printing, you must ensure you get the best items specifically designed for this printing design.

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