Announcing Molly Tanzer’s Rumbullion

28 May


From Molly Tanzer:

In October of 2013 I was thrilled for Egaeus Press to release my second collection, Rumbullion and Other Liminal Libations. The limited edition hardcover contained six short stories and an original novella, all accompanied by a cocktail recipe. It’s a beautiful edition, with color endpapers and illustrations, and I couldn’t love it more.

“Euhoi! Euhoi! Come, Bacchus!”

Only a few copies remain for sale, which is why I’m excited to announce that Lazy Fascist will be reprinting the novella, “Rumbullion: An Apostrophe” as a standalone. Slated for next spring, the ~50k short novel will be more widely available (in terms of distribution and price) to anyone interested in this story, which once I pitched as “Rashomon, with fops.” (Of course, what I mean is “‘In a Bamboo Grove,’ with fops” but I feel like the movie is more widely known.) Anyways, also of interest: for any of my readers who enjoyed Vermilion, I will note that “Rumbullion” is (very) tangentially related to that story. For any readers who haven’t checked out Vermilion, you needn’t; the events of “Rumbullion” take place long before Vermilion, and neither needs the other.

Many thanks to my editor, Cameron Pierce, for agreeing to republish “Rumbullion: An Apostrophe.” I know it’ll look spectacular, with a Matthew Revert cover, and I’m very happy that one of my favorite longer-form pieces will see a larger audience. It’s a story that remains very close to my heart. For anyone who enjoys my obsession with 18th century decadence, charlatans, illness, scrawny weirdoes, late-night gatherings gone awry/weird, and creepy sexual tension, I think you’ll love the novella Innsmouth Free Press called “Molly at her best,” and which The Arkham Digest described as having “humorous wit and wickedly bizarre imagination… on full display.”



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