Now Available: Skullcrack City, Bipolar Cowboy, and Messes of Men/Lemon Heart

9 Feb


Skullcrack City by Jeremy Robert Johnson: “A nightmarish yet hilarious journey that begins in the ugly world of toxic mortgages and progresses to the slightly uglier world of brain-eating monsters lurking in dark alleys. You’re in for an entirely unpredictable ride, the tale spinning ludicrously out of control as the hero uncovers layer after grotesque layer of a vast macabre conspiracy. Skullcrack City is original, utterly insane, and a shitload of fun.” – DAVID WONG, author of John Dies at the End

Bipolar Cowboy by Noah CiceroBipolar Cowboy is “a book of love poems for all those who loved so deeply it crossed into mental illness.” If you’ve ever loved so much you lost your mind, if you’ve ever felt inclined to wander into the desert to die alone, then take the bipolar cowboy’s hand. He’s ready to see you through to the end.

Lazy Fascist Double #1: Messes of Men/Lemon Heart by Michael J Seidlinger and Matthew Revert: What if your mother was a wedge of lemon? Would you still be a mess? The first Lazy Fascist double features two original works, Messes of Men by Michael J Seidlinger and Lemon Heart by Matthew Revert.

The first Lazy Fascist releases of 2015 signify a number of landmarks for the press and its authors. Jeremy Robert Johnson’s Skullcrack City is a novel that I first heard about nine years ago. I read a draft of it last summer and fell in love. Even after all those years of anticipation, Skullcrack City was even sharper, smarter, and stranger than I’d imagined it could be. It’s destined to be a cult classic, and I can’t wait for you to read it. Lazy Fascist favorite, Noah Cicero, also has a new book out this quarter. Bipolar Cowboy is his first poetry collection, but even if you’re not much of a poetry reader, you’ll want to pick this one up. Bipolar Cowboy is Noah Cicero’s most intense, searing, and personal work to date. It’s the type of book you live by, and I’m grateful to Noah Cicero for having written it. Finally, we’ve got the first book in a new line, the Lazy Fascist Double Series. A number of our favorite authors, including William S. Burroughs and Philip K. Dick, saw some of their early books releases as part of the Ace Doubles series. Each paperback featured two covers and two short novels by different authors. You can still find old Ace Doubles in science fiction sections at good used bookstores, and they’re a great deal of fun (both to read and as cool artifacts), but I wanted to revive the concept for the types of fiction I like to read and publish. Lazy Fascist Double #1, features work by two of our most popular authors, Lemon Heart by Matthew Revert and Messes of Men by Michael J. Seidlinger. The theme of LFD1 is The Color Yellow. I’ll let you discover it for yourself. I’m announcing the release of these books from Grahamstown, South Africa, where I’ll be residing through mid-March as the Mellon writer-in-residence at Rhodes University. It’s wonderful and sunny here, and I’m about to head off to celebrate the release of these books with a lager and a steak of wild springbok. I hope you enjoy Skullcrack City, Bipolar Cowboy, and Lazy Fascist Double #1: Messes of Men/Lemon Heart. These books represent so much that I love about modern literature. I hope you find love in them too. – Cameron Pierce


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