Person by Sam Pink

8 Jan

person front cover 111

You see him at the liquor store. You see him at the bus stop, trying to look at you without being seen. Who is he? He is a person. In this debut novel, a person walks around Chicago contemplating the possibility of starving to death on purpose. He has sex with his neighbor. He goes out to look for a job but just buys little plastic dogs from homeless people instead. Who is the person? The person is you. The person is me. The person is sitting in his room shooting an empty pellet gun at his face, feeling the slow exhaustion of a Co2 cartridge. The person sits in a bathtub reading his roommate’s yearbook. He wants to create a contract mandating worldwide friendship. Person invents new and splendid ways of not getting along. You will read this book and remember why you mainly read books that have sex in them. You will become . . . a person.

Praise for Person

“How can you tell a story that is about nothing? Sam Pink’s Person, the Bizarro equivalent of Albert Camus’ The Stranger (as if The Stranger wasn’t already strange enough), does just that. Person is written in the first person, and it’s about a person, living in Chicago. That’s it — or at least, that’s about as much as we can say about it. Take this sentence though: “I live in Chicago and I don’t get along with a lot of people and the reasons are always new and wonderful.” It’s poetry that reads like a book — or maybe vice versa. This is existentialist Bizarro Literature at its finest.” – Flavorwire

“A phenomenal achievement.” – Mike Daily, author of Alarm and Valley

“If you read just one book this year, let it be Sam Pink’s Person.” – Electric Literature

“One of the most exciting, most inspiring novelists currently writing.” – Thought Catalog

“It made me laugh and my hair stand on end.” – HTML Giant

“Sam Pink is dictator of the island of the bizarre.” – As You Recognize Your Transience

“…there’s a troubling build-up of rage and self-destructive desire that makes Person incredibly unsettling. In other words, he’s a great example of why I carry Mace. – The Fanzine

“It’s a compulsive page-turner […] There’s something infectious, I think, about the honesty of the book, in how it relates the sometimes unflattering aspects of what goes on in a person’s daily life.” – The Faster Times

“A meditation on dissatisfaction, desperation, and loneliness…the sort of work that burrows into you and roots down.” – Housefire

Additional Praise and Coverage

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Order Person from Amazon
Order Person from Powell’s
Order Person from Barnes & Noble


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