Broken Piano for President by Patrick Wensink

8 Jan

BrokenPianofinalnewcover (2)

The international bestseller at the center of the “World’s Nicest Cease-and-Desist” from Jack Daniel’s. 

Second edition cover designed in collaboration with Portland, Oregon’s Bull Run Distilling Company.

Featured in the New Yorker, New York Times, Forbes, London Telegraph, Esquire, The Atlantic, NPR’s Weekend Edition and more.

Ever drank too much and forgot what happened? Don’t be embarrassed. Deshler Dean faces this problem every day of his life.

Dean is far more brilliant and productive when he’s blackout drunk. In the last few months alone, he has invented a hamburger more addictive than crystal meth, scored a six-figure record contract for his terrible art rock band, and started dating a woman he doesn’t even recognize. Worse yet, he has become entangled in the biggest war since the Allies took on Germany.

When rival fast food chains duke it out for control over Dean’s burger-inventing genius, Dean and his band mates plunge into the absurd world of corporate paranoia and greed. As the violence of the burger wars spills out onto the streets, it’s up to them to win over the hearts (and stomachs) of the American people and save the country from the equivalent of a deep-fried nuclear warhead.

With the humor of Christopher Moore and the madcap sprawl of Thomas Pynchon, Broken Piano for President is a comic masterpiece about the fast food industry, booze, and the necessity to choose happiness over work and security.

Praise for Broken Piano for President

“I like Patrick Wensink’s work so much my heart had to issue its own cease-and-desist order.” – Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story

“Patrick Wensink reads like Christopher Moore on very strong acid. In Broken Piano For President, he’s created a Pynchonesque universe of blackout drinkers, burger-chain magnates, Oswald accomplices, starving Russian cosmonauts, valet parking attendants named for short French generals, Japanese punkers, and the various and sundry members of a rock band so lousy they make the Butthole Surfers sound like Abbey Road—a world that ranges so far beyond the bounds of absurdity that it all makes perfect sense. A rollicking good time of a novel.” – Greg Olear, author of Fathermucker

“[Wensink] commits to his stories and his vision of the world, from book to book and breath and breath, and with Broken Piano for President he not only continues to break fresh Wensinkian ground, he continues to find his voice, a warped voice surely, but one uniquely his own. And yes, I just dropped the phrase Wensinkian there, which I now here by officially claim as my own. Trademark pending of course. And Pat Riley be damned.” – Ben Tanzer, author of My Father’s House and You Can Make Him Like You

“[A] psychedelic trip of a novel.” – Publishers Weekly

“A laugh out loud, thought-provoking novel.” – JMWW

“A D.I.Y. Frankenstein’s monster that uses parts pulled off Kurt Vonnegut and David Cronenberg, drunkenly stitched together while a Stooges bootleg plays at 110 decibels.” – Louisville Courier-Journal

“Broken Piano often reminds me in ways of [Nick] Cave’s last novel, The Death of Bunny Munro.” – The Fanzine

“Chok-full of sharp wit and punk irreverence and is a guaranteed treat for all enemies of Jonathan Franzen.” – Esoterrorist

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