New Books by Scott McClanahan and Sam Pink!

13 Jun

Lazy Fascist is proud to present these newly revised editions of the first books by Scott McClanahan and Sam Pink. The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Vol. I contains all of the stories from McClanahan’s first two collections, along with a new foreword by Blake Butler and an afterword by Sam Pink.

I Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It is the first poetry collection by the greatest novel-master of the midwest, Sam Pink. It’s newly revised and remixed, with a shiny new cover.

The Holy Bible of Bad Feelings returns!

Longtime bipolar idiot Sam Pink brings you right back to the beginning with this remastered edition of his first underground hit. Find out why it would be great to get accidentally killed by a bus. Find out how to perform hardcore sex and never have any fun. Find out why it would be better if your mom was a Ugandan hooker. And find out how to fill your mouth with confetti before blowing your own head off.

Because a dead horse isn’t ever fully beaten. Because when you get to Hell there will be a seat saved for you. Because you can’t afford too many hellos. Because every time you come home, you stand in the door way and think, “It’s time for a monster to eat me now.” And then a monster eats you!

Be brave enough to read this book. Be brave enough to clone yourself then kill the clone and eat it.


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