The Next Best Book Blog and Horror Talk on Sam Pink

17 Apr

No One Can Do Anything Worse To You Than You Can is wildly imaginative and very entertaining. The author is simply someone who fans of literature must read and this book is just one more step in the ladder that’s currently taking Lazy Fascist Press into a place within the publishing industry where there’s a lot of room simply because very few have gotten there. Go buy this right now.” – Horror Talk

“Pink’s got to have a bit of genius in him to take something as mind-numbing as a job stocking shelves and turn it into a side street billboard showcasing the internal struggle of the awkward and antisocial. Using the slightly uncomfortable second person perspective, “you” are sucked straight into the mind of, well, yourself. You work at an Ultra-High-Risk department store too close to Blood Alley for anyone’s comfort. You’re made to watch an orientation video of interviews of past employees who are missing body parts and have suffered brain damage due to workplace accidents. You chill with co-workers with names like Sour Cream and humor his fetishist questions. You get a quick thrill out of crushing boxes in the compactor. Your brain thinks up the weirdest shit while you’re working. It just won’t shut off. It never stops…” – The Next Best Book Club on The No Hellos Diet




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