Of Thimble and Threat: The Life of a Ripper Victim by Alan M. Clark

7 Nov

Lazy Fascist is proud to present Of Thimble and Threat: The Life of a Ripper Victim by World Fantasy Award winner Alan M. Clark. Far more than just a “Ripper novel” Of Thimble and Threat is an encapsulation of one woman’s life, from childhood to death. It’s concise yet complex, lyrical yet compulsively readable, and one of the most tragic, moving novels we at LF have ever encountered. Do not miss this book, which is undoubtedly one of the crowning achievements of Alan M. Clark’s already illustrious career. Here’s the full description:

In Victorian London, the greatest city of the richest country in the world, the industrial revolution has created a world of decadence and prosperity, but also one of unimaginable suffering. Ever-present in its streets are rats, parasites, filth, death, decay, danger and sorrow. Catherine Eddowes is found murdered gruesomely in the street. When the police make their report, the only indicators of her life are the possessions carried on her person, likely everything she owned in the world.

In Of Thimble and Threat, Alan M. Clark tells the heartbreaking story of Catherine Eddowes, the fourth victim of Jack the Ripper, explaining the origin and acquisition of the items found with her at the time of her death, chronicling her life from childhood to adulthood, motherhood, her descent into alcoholism, and finally her death.

Of Thimble and Threat is a story of the intense love between a mother and a child, a story of poverty and loss, fierce independence, and unconquerable will. It is the devastating portrayal of a self-perpetuated descent into Hell, a lucid view into the darkest parts of the human heart.


Of Thimble and Threat is a terrifically absorbing read. A mature novel and superbly researched. The image of silver in the blood was woven expertly and made the ending luminous and poignant.”
Simon Clark, author of Vampyrrhic

Of Thimble and Threat is the unexpected tale of an ordinary woman, told by an extraordinary writer.”
Elizabeth Engstrom, author of Lizzie Borden and York’s Moon

Of Thimble and Threat carried me into the emotional life of a Victorian woman at risk, let me live her dreams and losses, and even surprised me when Catherine met her inevitable death at the hands of The Ripper. Brilliant!”
Eric M. Witchey, award-winning author of Beyond the Serpent’s Heart

“If you think Alan Clark’s art is darkly delightful, just wait until you read his twisted and fantastical tales. I promise it will make weird and wonderful pictures in your head. And isn’t that what we all really want?”
Ann VanderMeer

“Alan Clark has one wicked sense of humor.”
Elizabeth Massie, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Sineater

“We all know Alan Clark is one hell of an artist–in fact, one of the best the imaginative field has ever produced. Turns out he’s one hell of a writer, too. If that’s not a one-two punch that will knock you out I don’t know what is.”
Al Sarrantonio, editor of 999 and Stories (with Neil Gaiman)

Click here to order OF THIMBLE AND THREAT


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