Lazy Fascist acquires Anatomy Courses by Blake Butler and Sean Kilpatrick

7 Nov

Lazy Fascist is happy to announce that early next year, we’ll be publishing Anatomy Courses by Blake Butler and Sean Kilpatrick. Anatomy Courses is without question the most fucked up book we’ve acquired — and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a monstrous text set in the buckmost ass of America, a place of psychically revolving architecture, oxblood textbooks and skin dictionaries, booty ruptures, vivifractionism, and sad suits. Inside Anatomy Courses, you’ll find a replica of the holocaust made out of candy and the coldest lamp in America.

Anatomy Courses may or may not be a biography of Barry Manilow.

Look for Anatomy Courses in early spring. In the meantime, read an excerpt in Issue 8 of Caketrain or pre-order Sean Kilpatrick’s fuckscapes to receive Stab Pyramid, a hand-sewn chapbook by BB and SK. And don’t forget to check out Blake Butler’s There Is No Year and Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia, out now from Harper Perennial.


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