Lazy Fascist signs Stephen Graham Jones

17 Aug

We’re very excited to announce that Stephen Graham Jones has joined the Lazy Fascist roster. Last spring, we read the manuscript of his novel Zombie Bake-Off and have been in the process of acquiring it ever since.

Zombie Bake-Off pits soccer moms against professional wrestlers and then cranks things ten notches beyond ridiculous when an infected batch of doughnuts transforms some of the wrestlers into brain-eating freaks. It’s a refreshing and completely original take on the undead, as anyone who has read Stephen Graham Jones would expect.

Cover art for Zombie Bake-Off will be done by Manchester-based artist Colin Batty, who has previously worked on films like Mars Attacks! and Corpse Bride.

For more information on Stephen Graham Jones, visit him at If you’re new to his work, don’t miss his most recent novel, It Came from Del Rio, and check out his story in the latest issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction.

Look for Zombie Bake-Off in February 2012.


2 Responses to “Lazy Fascist signs Stephen Graham Jones”

  1. Michael Filippone August 20, 2011 at 5:11 am #

    This is super-exciting news. I just read Stephen’s Ledfeather today and I am hungry for more!


  1. Lazy Fascist and Zombie Bake-Off - Demon Theory - August 17, 2011

    […] so, like the monkey said when its tail got caught in the lawnmower: Won’t be long now. Click here for the announcement. And this is my original post about ZBO, back in 2007. There used to be images […]

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