Black Hole Blues is Blowing Up

5 Jul

Lately, we’ve been so busy preparing for our summer and fall releases that there hasn’t been a chance to sit back and toast the success of the most recent Lazy Fascist release, Black Hole Blues by Patrick Wensink, which has been blowing up with rave reviews and great sales.

With the aid of his Death to Kenny Rogers campaign, Wensink has been revealing to the world the true face of Kenny Rogers, while entertaining them with high class comedy about country music and particle physics. Here’s what reviewers are saying about Black Hole Blues:

“Wensink has accomplished an incredible feat: using nothing more than his sagacious imagination, he somehow convinced me to give a shit about country music.” –AIN’T IT COOL NEWS

“Patrick Wensink is a joyful writer who draws memorable characters.  In this dispatch from the end of the universe, humanity is in the hands of a prolific country music singer, a one-handed theoretical physicist, and an unfortgettable club sandwich.” –EVAN MANDERY, author of First Contact and Dreaming of Gwen Stefani

“…a Christopher Moore-like world with all the zany entertainment and character quirks you could ask for. Yet, underneath it all, there is real substance and real issues being raised about loneliness, mortality and identity.” –THE EXAMINER

“A page turner…you have no idea what is coming next but you are still so invested in the core of the tale. It is life or death, but there are still moments of humor that are so entertaining. ” —WHAT TO WEAR DURING AN ORANGE ALERT?

“…an outrageous book. Readers who delight in the wild flips of imagination will find an undeniable “Da Vinci Code” of pop art postmodernism in Black Hole Blues.” — LEO WEEKLY

Black Hole Blues is an entertaining, multi-layered novel that keeps it’s readers on their toes from the very start. Wensink cleverly handles the daunting task of meshing numerous side stories together in a satisfying finale full of tricks and twists and contains all the right ingredients to make a killer television dramedy.” THE NEXT BEST BOOK BLOG

Jump on the Wensink Wagon now and read Black Hole Blues. It’s one of the strongest debut novels of the year, and a perfect book for fans of Christopher Moore, Tom Robbins, and the films of Wes Anderson.


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