The Lazy Fascist Holiday Gift Guide #4: Kris Saknussemm

10 Dec

Kris Saknussemm is the author of the cult hit Zanesville and the Lynchian noir Private Midnight. In the spring, Lazy Fascist will publish his story collection, Sinister Miniatures. Here are Kris Saknussemm’s recommended reads:

Obscene, absurd, hilarious.  Revert is my tip for someone who will really make it big.

A simply bizarre horror story that is also very funny.  Jones is one of my favorite American writers.

Pure mad delight of the most foolish, anti-literary and enjoyable kind.

Brought out in limited edition hardcover by PS Publishing in the UK, this book is soon going to be major in the USA.

A National Book Award finalist…a harrowing personal story of her father’s death, but recounted with a subtlety of mind and prose that is a thing to behold.


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