The Lazy Fascist Holiday Gift Guide #2: Sam Pink

7 Dec

Sam Pink is the real deal. He lives in Chicago and he’ll kick your ass with words. If you don’t believe it, just read Person and The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home. Here’s what Sam recommends for the holiday season:

1.  under milk wood by dylan thomas
it’s a play about a town and i’m not sure why i like it.

2.  stories 1 by scott mcclanahan

probably my favorite book with a yellow cover

3. the executioner’s song by norman mailer

it gets interesting right away and stays that way for a thousand pages.

4.  the condemned by noah cicero

there was, and maybe still is, a large group of “hardcore/grindcore/whatever” bands in the chicago area where like, thirty bands would get together in a large room at like, a high school or church or wherever they can play, and then they each play really short sets one after the other.  the main band i remember was called “He Who Corrupts.”  every band played like, one or two minute songs that all basically sounded the same but were exciting to see and hear each time.  it’s like, you show up to see these bands and you walk into a small room and then for a few hours it’s nonstop and you feel tired after it’s done.  usually, the lead singer would tell the audience to beat him up while the band played.  not like, “hey i’m performing for you” but more like, “really, try to beat me up” and then he would go out into the audience while singing and just take punches to the head or get his clothes violently ripped off.  i remember seeing “He Who Corrupts” and the lead singer told the audience to make a pyramid.  so the audience made a big pyramid and “He Who Corrupts” started a song and the lead singer started singing and jumped into the foundation of the pyramid so the whole thing fell on him.  he kept singing in the pile and then emerged from the pile singing.

5.  twilight of the idols by friedrich nietzsche

it’s like, eighty sweet-ass pages. 

Go here to read James Yeh’s review of Person and interview with Sam Pink at The Faster Times.

Go here to read an excerpt from Person at Muumuu House.


One Response to “The Lazy Fascist Holiday Gift Guide #2: Sam Pink”

  1. stephen December 7, 2010 at 8:15 am #

    i love “under milk wood”

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