The Lazy Fascist Holiday Gift Guide #1: Riley Michael Parker

6 Dec

Over the next week or so, we’ll be posting book recommendations from Lazy Fascist authors and friends. Each writer will select five books they feel would make great gifts for the holiday season. This first list is from Riley Michael Parker, the newest writer to join the Lazy Fascist family.

Riley is the author of Our Beloved 26th, which is available from Future Tense Press. Next fall, Lazy Fascist will publish his novel, tentatively titled AND THUS, WE WERE CURSED. I first met Riley at the Portland Zine Symposium in 2009. Jeff Burk and I were sitting at the Eraserhead Press table when Riley walked up and gave us copies of his pornographic coloring book. Little did I know that just a year and a half later he would send me an epic little novel that’s as heartbreaking as it is strange. I’m very pleased to welcome Riley Michael Parker to the Lazy Fascist family. Pick up Our Beloved 26th now, because come next fall, you’ll be hearing a lot more from this guy. Anyway, here’s what Riley Michael Parker recommends for the holidays:

  • WOLF PARTS by Matt Bell – Beautiful in its ugliness. This meditation on rape, revenge, rape-revenge, lust, hunger, gender politics, and (of course) true love (of course, of course) was so good I read it twice. I never do that.
  • THE HAWKLINE MONSTER: A GOTHIC WESTERN by Richard Brautigan – This is the man who inspired at least 30% of this new wave of contemporary surrealists we are so blessed to have around these days, whether those cats realize it or not. This isn’t his most popular work, nor is it his best, but it is absolutely stunning, completely surprising, and laugh-out-loud funny (occasionally). Totally awesome.
  • SKINEMA by Chris Nieratko – All hail VICE. This is the best memoir ever, because it’s not a memoir at all but a book of dirty anecdotes and intimate admissions disguised as porno reviews. An equal mix if self-deprication and self-incrimination, of half-truths and full-lies, this book shows us how useless Sedaris and his cronies really are; by painting himself as neither hero or victim, but rather as an un-repentent sociopath, Chris Nieratko shows us how ugly all of us really are, and then he tells us it’s ok, because seriously, what the fuck else are we supposed to do? Not live life? Yeah fucking right.
  • LENNY BRUCE IS DEAD by Jonathan Goldstein – A novel built from pieces of flash fiction, threads picked up and dropped over and over again, moving forward and backwards through time without warning – this is what fiction can be, people, if only we’ll let it. Super funny, heart-breakingly tragic, and pretty damn perverted to tell the truth. I’ve had to buy this book four times, because friends and girlfriends keep stealing it.”
  • EVERYTHING WAS FINE UNTIL WHATEVER by Chelsea Martin – This is the raddest book of teeny-tiny fiction I’ve ever read. Every sentence is a story in itself, and sometimes she’ll string like six or seven together in a row and just kick your teeth down your throat, but with wit and brilliance (and her motherfucking feet motherfucker). Fuck yes.

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