The Faster Times reviews Person and interviews Sam Pink

22 Nov

James Yeh reviewed Person and interviewed Sam Pink for The Faster Times. Here is part of what James Yeh said:

“A friend—it was Tao Lin—recently recommended Sam Pink‘s lean new novel Person to me as a book he read in a “single-sitting.” Tao said it wasHunger-like, but more readable.” I thought was an intriguing but odd statement, like many of the statements Tao will make. Hunger, a very existential and also very funny novel about  a starving writer who becomes increasingly psychologically unhinged, is one of my favorite books, written by one of my favorite authors, the Norwegian writer (and Nobel Laureate) Knut Hamsun; however, it could hardly be argued that Hunger is unreadable, or even particularly difficult reading. Hunger is written in a very colloquial, engaging, unsyntactically complex first-person style. And yet, now that I’ve read Person, I would have to say Tao is right. Person is, indeed, even more colloquial and unsyntactically complex than Hungerand just about as engaging.”

Click here to read the complete review/interview.


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