The Flappy Parts by Kevin L. Donihe

9 Nov

In a Better World . . .

Mary Poppins will take us to her fairy tale hideaway
where we will dance with succulent fawns
who speak some Finnish dialect.

Collecting the best poems written over the last decade by Wonderland Award-winning author Kevin L. Donihe, The Flappy Parts is a gonzo journey through the nightmare absurdities of modern life. But even as undead midgets rise from the grave and nymphomaniac computers rape human beings, Kevin L. Donihe points us toward a stranger and better future.

He shows us that between Heaven and Hell, it’s all about The Flappy Parts.

Praise for The Flappy Parts:

“Kevin Donihe is an outsider poet who uses the detritus of everyday life and the surprising power of light verse to make sense of a little ballad called life.” – NICK MAMATAS, author of Move Under Ground

“Poems about bunnies, LSD, and police abuse. You know, things that matter.” – JEFF BURK, author of Shatnerquake

The Flappy Parts is an amusingly macabre look at the modern urban (and somewhat imaginary) world from behind the eyes of one of bizarro’s most notoriously original and entertaining writers. Donihe takes full advantage of the freedom of free verse to explore ideas that are too big — and yet too “flappy” — for fiction, and generously offers up a heaping helping of hilarious weirdness in this creative collection of bizarre and ribald musings. ” – MICHAEL ARNZEN, author of 100 Jolts

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